Draft Point is the first fantasy sports game designed for the ballpark! Select your team, draft your players, and compete against friends and fellow fans!
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Fantasy Sports

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Select Your Team

Just like any sport, pick one team to cheer for!


Draft Your Lineup

Draft three players on offense and three on defense. Make sure to stay under the salary cap!

Choose a Team Captain

Your Team Captain leads your lineup

with a 1.5x point multiplier.


Play in a fantasy competition and watch your players while you're at the stadium!

Compete for Prizes!

Watch how your lineup ranks against others at the ballpark. Win amazing prizes and fan experiences! 



We used to go to baseball games and just sit in one long row, without much interaction, but being able to pick a few players from the Braves and even play against my friends in our own private group was really fun!


- Braves Fan, 26 years old


Want to stay up to date on Draft Point news and events?

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